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Welcome to KCKPS Virtual Learning, Special Programs, and Alternative Learning Sites.  KCKPS provides educational services to community partners Camber and the Unified Government’s Juvenile Justice programs. Additionally, we partner with Greenbush to provide virtual learning services for K-12 students (Greenbush Virtual Academy-GVA for short), diploma completion program for adults in 500 Reach. Additionally 500 Reach offers virtual learning opportunities for those students that are not currently on track to graduate with their peers (5th year seniors and older).  

Middle and High School Virtual students are enrolled in Edgenuity software that is monitored and supported by certified content teachers and academic advisors provided by Greenbush.  Students engage in two semester length courses at a time. As a course is completed, the student will be enrolled in a new course.  Over the term of the school year, High School students are expected to have completed 12-14 semester courses for a total of 6-7 credits. Students may complete more if they wish and are able to do so successfully.  Middle School students are expected to complete 10-12 semester courses over the term of the entire school year reflective of their core classes and elective classes.   

Elementary School Virtual students are enrolled in their four core content classes and one elective course as well. Students use an app called Buzz to participate in their school work and Zoom to check in with their teachers.  Students will be invited to participate in daily meetings with teachers and possibly additional intervention sessions online. The remainder of the work is completed independently with teacher support as requested and scheduled. 

Successful Virtual Students demonstrate high levels of independence, are able to maintain focus and engagement with little to no prompting, and are engaged in the online coursework 25-30 hours each week.  Each student is expected to have an in-home learning coach, this is often a parent or other adult that is able to provide support to the student and create a learning environment that supports student success. 

We look forward to providing your student options for their continued learning.