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Learning Coach and Virtual Student Commitments
For your child to remain on track and on time with their learning, the following expectations should be met:
Secondary students:
·         Start and complete 6 or more classes each semester on the virtual learning platform.
·         Login and complete work 5 days a week completing two courses every 4-5 weeks.
·         To finish two courses every 3-5 weeks you can expect to complete 25 to 30 hours online in course activity each week.
Elementary students:
·         Participate online in synchronous and asynchronous activities on average 25 to 30 hours each week.
·         Participate in Live Sessions as much possible and complete work in the program (Buzz and iReady)
·         Pass all enrolled courses.
·         Participate in all invited intervention learning opportunities.
At Home Learning Coach:
There is an expectation that each student/family has a designated At Home Learning Coach. Duties vary depending on the age, grade level and learning level of each individual student. This person helps to:
·         directly help their student(s) by checking for understanding
·         aid with turning in work.
·         monitor student attendance and progress course completions (Buzz, iReady, Genius)
·         help student(s) attend morning meetings and/or live lesson, watch videos, tutoring, schedule/attend finals in zoom.
·         hold student(s) accountable for completing weekly assignments and target dates defined by teacher(s)
·         encourage student attendance for meetings with Academic Advisor and meet with AA at least once a semester.
·         stay in communication with the counselor and completing activities with IC/Xello/Clever
·         check school email at least once a week for district assessments and communication from KCKPS.