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Virtual Learning Signup

Open Registration Windows: May 15th through June 15th, you will be able to sign up through a link on this website.

Late Registration for 1st semester: August 1st through August 31st, you can request late virtual registration through your in-person building principal if the student is in grades K-12.

Special Consideration applications for moving to virtual learning may occur throughout the school year (except September). If a family or student encounters a difficulty or hardship and believes that transitioning into virtual learning would be the best option for their student, they may request a special consideration for virtual learning. This request must be made to your building principal. If the building principal approves, the principal submits the request to the virtual learning team to be processed.

An important consideration when moving a student into virtual learning mid-term is that all coursework, grades and progress in classes will be lost. All classes will have to be started from the beginning. An example is if a student has a passing grade in multiple classes in November and would receive credits for all of those classes at the conclusion of December if the student stayed in-person, if the student moved into virtual learning, all of those classes would have to be started over from the beginning which results in a lot of lost time.  The virtual classes cannot be entered anywhere other than at the beginning of the semester course. Semester transitions can be seamless and easy, but mid-term transitions result in a lot of lost time and progress for the student.


Virtual Learning Sign up Process:

  • Parent/guardian makes the request for virtual learning at the in-person school  (during open registration this is via the website & skip to the step where the enrollment record is made for open registration participants).
  • If the principal approves, the principal submits a GVA Principal Request Form in Infinite Campus
  • The virtual learning team receives the request and reviews the student’s Infinite Campus file.
  • If the student is eligible to participate in virtual learning, the virtual learning team create a GVA enrollment record in Infinite Campus, and a parent signature form is created also.
  • The virtual learning team will email the parent to let the parent know the permission form is in their parent portal to be signed. (Parents have 1 week to sign the form.)
  • Once signed, the virtual learning team notifies our Greenbush education partners of the completed virtual registration.
  • Greenbush staff will email the parent directions for creating an account with them and to sign up to participate in an online orientation about virtual learning.
  • This orientation participation should occur within 7-10 calendar days.
  • Once orientation has been completed classes are assigned and the student begins their virtual learning journey.
  •  Students should be attending in-person until the day of their scheduled orientation.